A selection of photos taken by me for various publications (or for fun). 

OPEN HOUSE BY liz glynn

for Boston Magazine

A series of photos taken for this article previewing the opening of Liz Glynn's public art piece Open House on the Comm. Ave Mall in July 2018. 

IMMigration Protest at the Massachusetts state house

for Boston Magazine

Taken for this June 20, 2018 article about the protests outside the MA capitol demanding immigration reform from the governor. 

100 Best buildings in boston

for Boston Magazine

Part of a series of photos taken for Boston Magazine's ranking of the 100 best buildings in the city.

Website header and newsletter photos

for The New England Classic

Photos of previous print editions and magazines taken for The New England Classic's new website, and for use in various newsletters and communications by the publication and its editors. 

UNtitled series






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